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A place for kids to have a reliable, safe, enriching, and FUN place to spend their break days.

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Look Back at Spring Break Camp 2023’s Theme

Quiet on set! Campers will live out their Hollywood dreams by becoming actors, directors, writers, and more as we explore the fascinating world of film. We’ll discover the art of practical special effects through hands-on activities and experience the physical demands of stunt coordinators.

Showers of Fun & Blossoms Of Discovery

Grab your raincoats and rain boots – Spring Break Camp is splashing with fun!

Kids will let their inner actors, writers, and performers shine bright on the big stage! With activities designed to explore every part of the movie, TV show, and filmmaking process, kids will quickly get into character and experience the lights, the camera, and the action!

A Boat Load of Memories with Friends

Join us in a safe place where new friendships can sprout and children can grow!

Every camper will have daily opportunities to socialize with new and old friends, play team games, and let their creative sides bloom with self-expression. Together we’ll make it to the curtain call and win the award for best friendship!

Plant Some Peas Of Mind

With the end of the school year in sight, Right At School has your back, keeping your little ones safe, happy, and engaged in learning.

While kids may be off school, we know parents may still have a flood of work to do. Spring Break Camp can help you feel less swamped with your to-do list, knowing your children are sprouting with happiness and buzzing with excitement. What a re-leaf!

What ideas and inspiration will you bring to the set? Get ready as we’re on in 3…2…1…

Spectacular Spring Break Shenanigans!

Get fired up by checking out our sample camp schedule!


Campers come together and start their day with silly songs, skits, and jokes!

Group Games

Depending on the weather, these games might be outside or in the gym, but either way they are going to be serious fun with friends!

AM Themed Activity

Campers enjoy a different hands-on learning activity every day related to the camp theme.


Campers come together to eat, sing silly songs, play skits and tell jokes!

All-Camp Games

All campers come together to play games focused on teamwork and extra fun!

PM Themed Activity

More hands-on learning!


Ready, set, create! This is a time for all inspired minds to create some works of art.

Closing Campfire Circle

Campers come together to laugh, share stories about their day, and show off art projects or a new song they learned. They will also hear about the fun things coming up tomorrow!

Learn Why Spring Break Camp is Right for Your Family!

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