What the Research Says

How extended day enrichment can help school districts address learning loss, enhance SEL, and improve equity.

A growing body of research suggests that children who participate in high-quality before and after school enrichment programs like Right At School see faster gains in academic achievement and social-emotional learning (SEL) outcomes.

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Learn how to expand your approach to enrichment and SEL beyond the 8am to 3pm school day and equip your students to achieve better outcomes in the post-COVID world.

Accelerate Learning and Reclaim Social-Emotional Health in 2021-2022

As educators, we know that the school disruptions wrought by COVID have had an enormous impact on the academic and social-emotional development of our children.

Recent studies point to a stark reality—it may take years for students, especially the most vulnerable, to recover from the turbulent events of 2020-21.

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