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Livermore, California Family Wins Final “After School for Life” Prize

August 11, 2022

This summer, Right at School gave families who registered early for Fall programs three chances to win free after school care for one child… for LIFE!

We are excited to announce the third and final winner of our 2022 After School for Life sweepstakes: The Meili Family, along with their daughter Dena, from Livermore, California.

Dena (age five) is entering kindergarten this Fall at Altamont Creek Elementary School, part of Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, one of Right At School’s newest partner districts.

Right At School will waive Dena’s after school tuition until she ages out of the program. RAS currently serves K–5 students at Altamont Creek Elementary, which means that the Meili family has won up to six years of free tuition.

Dena’s mother, Mona, had this to say about winning After School for Life:

“Winning this prize came as such a sweet surprise to our family! Our daughter, Dena, is just entering her first year of school in the Fall. We knew that we would need after school care, and we appreciated the flexibility that Right At School gave us to create our own schedule. We decided to sign up for one day per week to give Dena some time to adjust to the long school days, and her grandparents were going to pick her up on the other days. But we’re so thrilled with this prize that we’ve decided to enroll Dena in five days per week.

The fact that we can plan for free after school for the next six years gives us so much peace of mind… and we’re planning to save that money for Dena’s college education! Thank you, Right At School, for this incredible gift!

Right At School’s After School for Life sweepstakes has officially ended — but it’s not too late to register for After School programs in your district this Fall. Space is limited and filling fast, so register today to beat the waitlist and secure your child’s spot for the entire 2022-23 school year.

Please visit https://www.rightatschool.com/register/ to find out if Right At School provides programming in your school—and start the registration process today.

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