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The Impact of World-Class Afterschool Programs

Without dipping into scarce resources and even generating alternative revenue, districts who partner with a high quality afterschool provider can become part of an essential multi-pronged solution – for children, parents, and their own district mission and bottom line.
Dr. Mark Rothschild

Dr. Mark Rothschild


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A growing body of research highlights significant positive impact on children who participate in quality afterschool programs. These same benefits extend to school district performance and counteract substantial risks associated with lack of supervision after 3pm. Yet working parent demand far exceeds available programming, and many existing programs just babysit, missing a critical opportunity to provide meaningful enrichment that yields long-term rewards.

What the research says…

BENEFITS to CHILDREN of high quality afterschool programming are significant and long-lasting.

  • Better grades, test scores, and graduation rates; up to 42% increase in math and reading performance; improved overall academic performance for 50%+ attendees
  • 65% have improved homework completion and class participation
  • Improved behavior for nearly 60% of participants

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