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Right At School is proud to partner with dozens of local enrichment providers...

to offer 10–12 week courses in a wide range of exciting subjects: martial arts, chess, painting, robotics, coding, cooking, and more. Better yet, you don’t need to be enrolled in our After School Program. Every kid is welcome aboard this fun-filled learning adventure!

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Elective programs are offered at select locations only. They are typically one hour per week, 10-12 week classes in the arts, music, foreign languages, sports, science, STEM, etc. offered as an additional benefit to students. Classes vary by school and include courses taught by specialized enrichment providers.

As a partner to our schools, Right At School manages these enrichment classes to relieve schools of administrative tasks and to create a streamlined process for parents. Typically, we work with schools and parent groups to identify preferred providers. While Right At School vets partners and ensures background checks are clear for Electives teachers, the curriculum, teaching strategies, and staff are separate from Right At School.

Now that you know, don’t wait – immerse your child in a place to EXPLORE, a place to be CURIOUS, and a place to DISCOVER their PASSIONS!

So your kid is passionate about ______________?

Kids are never too young to learn practical skills and discover passions that will serve them for life. Here are just a few of the exciting courses we offer! Course selection varies by school.

*Courses may not be available in every location or elective season.

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Right At School has a mission to inspire a love of learning!

Our mission at Right At School is to inspire a love of learning, support schools, and give parents peace of mind. Our Elective partners are experts in their own fields, making sure your kiddos are taught by the best. By partnering together, we can provide a wide range of activities on-site at your child’s school for an affordable price. Plus, our scheduling makes it possible to do more than one Elective course a week!

Together we create a place to Learn, Play & Grow!

Our 250+ Elective Partners!

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Right At School partners with dozens of local enrichment providers to give meaningful, fun, and engaging Electives to our students. We handle registration, billing, and safety protocols. You just need to show up and do what you do best: teach talented kiddos your craft!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electives

What are Electives?

Electives are after school enrichment courses taught by local vendors you know and love! Right At School manages registration, billing, and the safety/supervision of children who attend Electives. Courses are typically one hour per week for 10–12 week sessions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Course offerings vary by school and cover a wide range of exciting subjects: art, music, foreign languages, sports, coding, STEM, and more!

Who can participate in Electives?

Any student can attend a RAS Electives class offered at their school! You do not have to be registered for Right At School’s After School program. Electives start soon after the last school bell rings, and a Right At School staff member will be present to take attendance and ensure your child arrives safely.

How do I register for Electives?

Complete the form at the top of this page to view your school’s Electives offerings. When you find a class you want to sign up for, hit the REGISTER button. You’ll be prompted to create a Right At School account (or log in if you already have one), and then you’ll be guided through our step-by-step registration process. You can also contact Customer Service at 855-287-2466 if you prefer to register over the phone.

Why do classes have grade level requirements?

Our Electives partners design classes to serve the developmental needs of a specific age range so that all students can have the best experience. Your child must be in the required grade level(s) to participate.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the time of registration. If a class is canceled, you will be issued a full refund.

Where are classes held?

Like all Right At School programs, Electives are held on-site at your child’s school. Depending on the type of class, we may use the gym, multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, or even the playground.

Who teaches Electives?

RAS Electives are taught by specialized enrichment vendors with an established reputation in your community! Right At School thoroughly vets every vendor, including background checks for all instructors.

What is your refund policy?

We allow one risk-free trial class so that your child can determine if the class is a good fit. We think this is fair for both families and our Electives partners. A full refund will be provided if you contact Customer Service and cancel prior to the second scheduled class.

Why is an Elective class closed?

All Elective classes have minimum and maximum enrollment numbers. Once a class reaches its maximum enrollment, the class will be closed to further registration. Families may register for the waitlist on the parent portal and will be notified if a space opens up.

If a class does not meet its minimum enrollment, it will be canceled during the week before the first Electives class. Right At School will remove the child’s registration, and parents will be notified of the cancellation. Payment will be refunded within 7-10 business days.

My child's class was cancelled today. Will I get a refund?

No refunds will be given for programs that are cancelled due to weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space, COVID-related closures or any other issue beyond Right At School’s direct control.

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