Thankful Jar

November is the month of being thankful and creating a Thankful Jar is a great way to focus on reflection and gratitude.

And the leftover empty jar can be used to decorate your Thanksgiving table!


  1. Empty jar (buy a Mason jar or recycle a spaghetti sauce jar)
  2. Small pieces of tissue paper
  3. Scissors (regular or with fun edges)
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Liquid glue or liquid starch



  1. Cover your jar with the torn pieces of tissue paper, applying the liquid glue or starch with your paintbrush. You can use torn pieces of tissue paper or cut out shapes, such as leaves or hearts.
  2.  Let the jar dry completely.
  3. Cut strips of different colored paper and place nearby the jar, along with pens or markers.
  4. Each family member can write down something they are grateful for and place it in the jar. You can do this together during dinner or whenever inspiration hits.
  5. At Thanksgiving, your family can sit down together and read the thankful notes out loud.
  6. When the jar is empty, a tea candle can be placed inside to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

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