Right At School's latest info on Coronovirus (COVID-19) Safety

We’re unwavering on safety—we always have been. You can feel confident that our safety & health practices will create a safe environment for your child. Things may be a little bit different this year, but we still know how to have fun!

We’ll Tailor Our Activities When Safety Calls

Right At School educators are prepared to tailor daily activities to ensure safety if and when schools may demand a little more distance between students. If your school implements additional safety guidelines, then our activities may be a little less physically interactive, but still a lot of fun.

School District Policy Is Our Policy

We strictly adhere to all school district policies on masking, vaccinations, and safety procedures. This means that all Right At School employees will follow school district policies every day to ensure alignment with the latest local health and safety ordinances.

The First Weeks Are About Transition

Even in “normal” years, the first 2-3 weeks of school and after school are different from the rest of the year. Students are getting acquainted with new faces and new routines, and while the program is always safe and fun, it takes a few weeks to get the kinks out and get everyone used to new routines. Rest assured your child’s year with Right At School will be an experience they cherish.

We Align To School Schedules

Your school’s schedule may change throughout the year in response to local health conditions. We will do everything we can to remain open when schools are open. In the event a school is closed, we will work with school and district leadership to determine the best way for Right At School to serve our families. In the event of a change to school schedules, we will contact you with updated Right At School information.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

We Follow CDC Guidelines & Local Health Policies

Every day, we maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for our students, educators and families. From the moment the bell rings at the start of our programs until our last parent pick-up of the night, we follow all national and local guidelines to ensure peace of mind for everyone.

Masks & Vaccines

Mask and vaccine requirements are local to your school district. All Right At School employees adhere to your school district’s policies regarding mask wearing and vaccine status. Please contact your school district for the latest policy updates.

Sanitization Practices

We continue to employ best-practice sanitization: all surfaces and areas are cleaned after each use throughout the day.

Staff to Student Ratios

Staff to student ratios meet or exceed each stateʼs new regulations.

Thank You!

We sincerely thank you for being a part of the Right At School family this year, and we look forward to being the best place to be a kid—all year long!