Happy Kids

It’s been a great pleasure serving your children this year, and we’ve appreciated your involvement all along the way. I especially appreciate the parent feedback we received on our Spring 2015 survey, which made us so proud of our accomplishments (and your ongoing satisfaction!) and it gave us some great ideas for next year.

Speaking of next year, we have 40 weeks of brand new curriculum ready to roll starting this fall. On top of all the great fitness, free choice, homework help and other activities, here’s a sneak peak at some of the upcoming curricular units in The Right Club:

Young Detectives
Students will explore the science behind crime scene investigation, while learning different aspects of detective work. Our young detectives will decipher hidden messages, become police sketch artists, and make crime-solving tools. They’ll analyze fingerprints, handwriting and footprints to solve kid-friendly, Right Club mysteries.

Making Magic
Students will learn the history of magic and how to perform a variety of intriguing illusions. They’ll be introduced to the science behind mental trickery, and they’ll have plenty of chances to perform for their peers and Right Club families.

Getting down To Business
Students will be introduced to money and commerce from around the world, learning through games and activities about the value of saving and the different consequences of spending. They’ll create their very own Right Club business, taking on roles of product creator, owner, assembly worker, critic, consumer, and more.

Icky Experiments
Students will experiment with sticky substances that will (enjoyably!) gross them out, but also teach them the chemistry and processes beneath every day substances. They will also practice the steps of scientific experimentation in the midst of all this gooey fun.

Variety Show
Students will rehearse and perform their individual talent acts and community numbers to entertain each other and their parents. Along the way, they’ll learn the value of diligent preparation, personal expression, and teamwork — all culminating in the thrill of performance before a live audience.

There’s so much more, of course, but I hope this excites you and your children about the fun that awaits (Okay, I know there is NO WAY the kids are ready to be excited about the next school year when summer is almost here, but I hope you are as excited as we are!)

Have a great summer,


Mark Rothschild, Ph.D.
Founder, Right At School