Creativity and Time, Part II: Keep Your Kids Creative This Summer

We’ve all heard that children can lose some 6-8 weeks’ worth of learning over the summer, but this doesn’t have to be the case with our kids.  Here’s some techniques to consider for long car trips to keep the creative juices flowing. Mind Before Mindless:  Hold off on video games and DVD players until AFTER […]

Creativity and Time, Part I

Hannah one-minute car

I was listening to cartoonist Lynda Barry talk about a class she teaches at the University of Wisconsin.  She described a creativity exercise she learned from Ivan Brunetti’s book Cartoon Philosophy and Practice. Brunetti (and now Barry) has students draw a car for three minutes, then they draw another car for two minutes, then one minute, […]

Letter from Mark: What Do You Get When You Cross An Elephant and A Fish?

I’ll answer in a minute. Putting things together that don’t usually go together is an excellent way to stimulate creativity in children (and adults).  It’s called Synectics. The word Synectics comes from the Greek and refers to joining together different and apparently irrelevant elements. Synectics are used in business and the classroom as a style […]

Letter from Mark: Stimulate Their Senses With Modern Art

Creativity scholars increasingly point to perception as a key to creativity.   Gregory Berns of Emory University argues that to think of things differently, which is the first step toward creativity; we need to stimulate our senses with phenomena our brains have yet to encounter.  This allows our minds to move beyond our typical way of thinking […]

In The Classroom: Wild Wild West

This week’s In the Classroom is about one of our most popular classes, Wild Wild West.  In keeping with the goals of the Right At School’s Diamond Curriculum, the Wild, Wild West course engages students in fun and educational experiences that develop their creativity and condition their bodies through active and engaging activities. In this […]