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How to Make More Time for Learning with ESSER Funds and Right At School

Wondering how to infuse more time into the day to accelerate learning and support students socially and emotionally?

The American Rescue Plan specifically allocates funding for after school enrichment and summer camp programs through Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding, and Right At School’s extended learning programs are fully eligible. This means that ESSER funds can be used to expand access to an additional 3 hours per day of learning time and socialization with Right At School.

Districts and schools can take advantage of ESSER funds to expand access to Right At School’s enrichment programs to help:

  • Address unfinished learning
  • Enhance social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Improve equity

In fact, ESSER-funded options can be a great complement to traditional parent-paid models — and can address common barriers identified by parents, such as transportation.

How can ESSER funds be used?

Here are a few ways to leverage ESSER funds to pay for Right At School:

  • Fully fund Right At School enrollments for lower-income and at-risk students
  • Fully fund a district-paid program for all students
  • Partially fund enrollments for all students who participate

ESSER funds can also be used to:

  • Fund additional after school services such as electives
  • Provide transportation to and from Right At School

A quick look at Right At School programs

Right At School offers a unique opportunity to create a community learning hub outside of classroom hours — and provide much-needed support for working parents.

Safe and on-site at your school, Right At School can help you address students’ most pressing needs with 15 hours per week of additional high-quality learning time and socialization. This includes:

  • Homework time
  • Over 180 Disguised Learning™ activities
  • Self-directed learning
  • Right Moves™ fitness blast
  • Games and sports
  • Social-emotional learning and fun
  • Town Hall and Junior Educators™
  • Right At School Gives Back community service projects

With ESSER funds and Right At School, you can give more students the benefits of after school learning time and homework help, as well as intentional opportunities for vital peer interaction and social-emotional development.

Right At School is ready to enhance your school days and non-school days with meaningful extended day enrichment programs. Click here to learn more about the different ways you can fund Right At School or contact us to get started right away! 

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