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How Right At School Helps Build a Culture of Inclusivity Before, During, and After School

Right At School believes every child should have access to world-class enrichment programs, and that programs should be inclusive and reflective of the students they serve.

Right At School partners with districts around the country build a culture of inclusivity into the before, during and after school experience. We believe in order to enrich the lives of every child and family, we must create room for each other. Our unique skills. Our stories. And our differences. It’s who we are.

How We Align With Districts

Every school and district we work with has their own goals and strategies for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our extended day programs are an extension of those efforts, aligning to and building on what is happening during the school day. Our curriculum intentionally incorporates exposure to diverse cultures and practices through the study of geography, history, and cultural values, customs, and perspectives—including the celebration of accomplished people from all cultural backgrounds. We participate in a variety of cultural holidays and related activities, often welcoming parent and community speakers to share their customs with our students. 

We partner with our school leaders and parents of individual students to understand the special academic, physical, emotional, and/or medical needs of all students enrolled in the program and provide individualized care consistent with student IEPs and school-day support strategies. All our efforts are coordinated through our Master’s-level Specialist for Child Behavior and Inclusion.

We’re also locally-inspired, and we reflect the communities we serve. We hire multilingual educators and customer service staff to accommodate the specific language needs of individual schools. Program materials are fully translated into languages supported and required by our district partners.

How We Support Students

Right At School continuously seeks to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all students by practicing culturally responsive teaching and fostering children’s positive identity development.

All students, regardless of ability, needs, or background, are supported in their individual growth, encouraged to be their authentic selves, and celebrated for their uniqueness as a member of our community.

The inclusion of children from all backgrounds coupled with the open sharing of perspectives through daily dialogue, project presentations, cooperative activities, peer mentoring, and public performances continually enriches students’ understanding of their peers and appreciation for the rich diversity around them. Throughout our daily program and activities, we facilitate the respectful exchange of diverse viewpoints and experiences to enrich students’ appreciation for others who are different from them.

Our staff members are trained to focus on recognizing varied learning styles and developing intrinsic student motivation and positive self-identity by calling out how students are progressing, how they overcame obstacles, and what they achieved through our positive guidance model.

To ensure that our Right Club curriculum and activities are as inclusive and culturally responsive as possible, Right At School worked with the inclusivity experts at Westchester Education Services to review each and every one of our more than 180 activities. Utilizing their Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) rubric, Westchester went through our curriculum activities with their diverse and experienced team of educators to ensure they fit Westchester’s requirements for Culturally Responsive content. Through units like Around the World in 15 Days, Young Olympians, Global Games and Friends, Global Groove, and International Celebrations students explore different regions and cultures through games, music, dance, and more.

In addition to being culturally responsive, social emotional learning is embedded in every aspect of our program as well. Our content, methods, and our thematic curriculum are aligned with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning competencies.

Our monthly “I Am” program is designed to foster positive identity, relationships, and behaviors in students through a focus on ten character and social-emotional traits across the school year.

Every month features a new theme. By sprinkling discussion and activities on these themes throughout your program and highlighting role model students exhibiting these traits, you will be helping students become better equipped to talk about and deal with their own emotions, increase their social skills and positive identity, and become responsible, productive members of their Right Club community and beyond.

How We Provide Equitable Access for Families

By providing onsite programming, Right At School can meet the needs of more students and families. We work closely with our school and district partners to create funding and tuition models that make access to our programs equitable for families. Some of the ways we do this:

  • Offering a sliding scale for families in need by accepting state subsidies as well as offering discounts for students on free or reduced lunch 
  • Offering military family discounts in addition to being an approved Childcare Aware subsidy provider
  • Offering substantial discounts for siblings, and discounts for district staff
  • Providing revenue back to the school or district in the form of scholarships to be utilized for students in need

“With Right At School, we’re now able to provide the same opportunities at every elementary school so kids don’t have to be transferred or transported somewhere else. It provides more equity among our schools.”

— Bobbie Fiori, Director of Student Services for Beavercreek City School District

In addition to tuition, we also offer flexible programming options, so we are available to families when they need high-quality care. Families may register for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week, and can sign up at any time with our convenient 24/7 online enrollment process. In schools and districts where we offer before and after school, they can also choose combinations of number of days per week for both. For example, a student might attend 3 days of after school (Mon, Wed, and Thurs), but 2 days of before school (Tues and Fri). Any combination of days is accepted, and we offer a discounted “Combo” rate to families who choose to attend both before and after school programming.

"I know my daughter is in excellent care with Right at School. They are able to nurture her needs while also understanding when she needs to be independent. So glad we have this option! It's been a huge help for us all."

— Amy S., Fulton, GA

Our Commitment

Our goal is to ensure every single person in the Right At School community feels valued and supported, and that’s where we’re heading. In addition to the inclusive and culturally responsive practices we employ in our programs, Right At School ensures that our organization as a whole, including our hiring practices, employee recognition programs, and public communications, represent a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can learn more about our ongoing DEI efforts at https://www.rightatschool.com/diversity.

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