The Right Way

Right At School provides safe, engaging, and meaningful in-school and extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of students, give parents peace of mind, and enable schools to focus on their academic mission.

We’re passionate about providing a wide range of exceptional and affordable enrichment programs before, during and after school to as many students, parents and schools as possible. In 2011 we served 200 students per day — today the number is over 35,000!

We succeed at this goal because we understand the synergy between two potentially competing ideals:

  1. All education is local. Right At School is at our best when we operate as part of the local school and community fabric; and
  2. Enrichment excellence requires systemic thinking and systematic execution. Right At School is at its best when we share proven strategies across all of our programs to improve quality, reduce costs, and continually innovate.

Together, these two ideals highlight four core values for Right At School: We are Mission-Led,Innovation-Driven, Locally-Inspired, and Efficiency-Obsessed. Driven by these four values, we strive to go the extra MILE.


Our mission at Right At School is to inspire a love of learning, support schools, and give parents peace of mind.

We know we can only achieve this mission by recruiting, supporting and retaining high- performing front-line educators and coaches and by providing them with the tools and resources they need to serve our students and grow professionally.

Regardless of role, we look for dependable, personable, resourceful, and imaginative people. We are a meritocracy and we employ personnel who want to be held accountable to individual and group outcomes in order to achieve our mission.


We don’t rest on past success.

Our role as Right At School employees is to continually seek new ways to serve our students, parents and schools. All of us are responsible to improve our current offerings and identify new programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of students, parents and schools.

We learn by listening to our students, parents, and administrators, and by staying abreast of best practices in the field. No one person or team is responsible for innovation at Right At School—it is the price of entry for all of us. We take high quality student services seriously, and recognize that continual innovation is required to achieve our goals.


We hold ourselves personally accountable, but we don’t go at it alone.

We become part of the school’s fabric by attending school and district events to better understand community norms and school nuances. We regularly learn from our school administrators, PTAs, teachers, students, and our vendor-partners how we can best meet their needs and achieve our shared goals.

We speak with parents face-to-face every day at pick up and regularly online through our web portal to provide updates, solicit their feedback and keep them engaged. We share best practices and solicit ideas from all employees across the Right At School ecosystem through our online collaboration networks to strengthen our programs. Most importantly, we get to know our students’ individual needs, joys and learning styles as we build engaged communities of learners and friends.


We are resourceful.

We are resolute in our drive to reduce expenses and keep fees as low as possible for parents and schools. We are vigilant stewards of equipment and supplies, diligent in maintaining proper staff ratios, adept at delivering materials, and innovative in leveraging technology to simplify school and parent administrative needs.

We are relentless in asking ourselves: how can we do this smarter and better? We will do whatever it takes to allow as many schools and families as possible to benefit from Right At School programs and services, and our efficiency allows us to do just that.

All of us are committed to our mission. All of us innovate, build local community, and seek efficiencies. By sticking to our core values, we know we can build a great and prosperous company dedicated to students, parents and schools across the country.