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Meet ELO-P requirements by extending your days with meaningful academic and social-emotional enrichment.

Elo-p at a Glance:

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After School, Before School & Camps

We help kids find the laughs and smiles that come from feeling good about oneself, helping others, discovering our own potential, and sharing inner joy with friends and family.

Disguised Learning Enrichment Activities

Sports, Games & Healthy Fun For Everyone

Social-Emotional Learning & Fun

Over 180 Stem-based Disguised Learning activities

Fun activities for students of all ages & abilities

Time to make friends, inspire others, & be joyful

A Place to BE A KID!

See what an afternoon looks like and experience the joy of learning, playing, and growing with Right At School.

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We’ll help you plan, design, and implement a program model that ensures all your students and families have an opportunity to experience the joy of learning with Right At School.

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We’ll get together for a quick meet and greet — virtually or in-person — to discuss your learning community’s most important needs.

Funding Plan

Whether you plan to fund Right At School 100% through ELO-P or plan to use a mix of ELO-P, parent-paid, subsidized, and/or district-funded, we’ll build a plan that gives all students and families a chance to attend Right At School.

Program Plan

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your team to complete the ELO-P program plan and help you submit to the California Department of Education.

Program Design & Setup

Our California team will design your academic and social-emotional enrichment programs, and do all the heavy lifting to hire, staff, promote/market, enroll, and implement — all on-site at your schools!

We’ll do all the work

Right At School offers a unique opportunity to create a true community learning hub outside of classroom hours by fully facilitating, coordinating, and managing important learning accelerators and social-emotional growth opportunities.

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ELO-P Resources

You need a strategic partner like Right At School in order to meet the intent and requirements of ELO-P. Learn more here:

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VP of School Partnerships

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Manager of Education Partnerships

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VP of School Partnerships

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Manager of Education Partnerships

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