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Right At School is so excited to bring our safe, fun, enriching before and after school programs to Scotch Plains-Fanwood schools this year! We’re on-site at your school and open for registration — learn more and register today!

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We will be hosting in-person meet-and-greets at each school to meet members of the Right At School team between Feb 21–Mar 14.  Dates and schools are listed below (all sessions will begin at 6:30 PM).

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Program Pricing

Before School

Starts at 7:00am

After School

Until 6:30pm

Before & After Combo

After School

Until 4:30pm


Discounts can’t be combined

Sibling Discount: 10%
Free & Reduced Lunch Discount: 100%

Need financial support?

Right At School is committed to supporting the needs of all families. Use our helpful Discount Checker and Subsidy Assistance to learn if you’re eligible for enrollment assistance.

Full Day Camps will be offered for school breaks and holidays.

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FAQs for Families

About Right At School

Why Right At School?

Right At School is focused exclusively on student enrichment for children in elementary and middle school. Our highly trained and passionate educators make sure the learning carries on before and after school in a fun and meaningful manner. Your children will experience best-in-class, fun-filled programs focused on building their creativity, conditioning, character and confidence. We are reliable (programs run every day school is in session for a full day), flexible (register for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days/week), and convenient (we offer a daily drop-in option). And all of this happens right in the comfort and safety of their own school!

How do I register and pay for Right At School?

Registration for the Right At School program is now open! Here is a link to the registration portal: where you can find your school and complete the registration process.

Can I speak to someone directly?

Yes, parents can reach Right At School personnel directly by phone, email and live chat. Here is a link to our Contact Us page:  Additionally, you can reach out to our New Jersey Area Manager, Keith Fortus, with any questions.  Keith can be reached at or 973-461-3561.


During program hours, parents will be able to call their child’s Right At School Program Manager on a dedicated phone that each Program Manager carries. Program phone numbers can be found on our website on the Locations and Pricing page.

Right Club

What is Right Club?

Right Club is in your school every day that school is in session for a full day. We begin when the school bell rings and continue until 6:30pm. You can choose as many days as you’d like for your children to attend, and you can change your schedule if needed. We provide enrichment- and fitness-based activities for families needing reliable and meaningful support after school.

What does a typical day look like in Right Club?

Right Club consists of six components:

  • Town Hall (~15 minutes) – At the school bell, children will gather in our after school meeting location, where our educators will take attendance and serve a healthy snack. The day is then kicked-off with a Town Hall, where students will share news and special events, and our educators will set the schedule and expectations for the day.
  • The Right Moves (~15 minutes) – After a long school day, we know kids need to let out their energy. We spend ten to fifteen minutes dancing, doing yoga stretches, or team games; just enough time to get out their “wiggles” and refocus their energy on homework.
  • Homework Time (~35 minutes) – Our educators provide a quiet and supervised environment for students to work on their homework. If students complete their homework early, they will have quiet activities to choose from. Students may choose to lengthen their homework time block if additional time is needed.
  • Daily Enrichment (~45 minutes) – Kids will participate in fun, enrichment-based activities, such as arts and crafts, science experiments, drama, etc. Enrichment unit topics, such as “Energy Explosion,” “Imagination Exploration,” and “The Best We Can Be,” change every two weeks.
  • Fun Fitness (~45 minutes) – We may be outside on the playground, or inside playing kickball or making up a dance routine. Either way, making time for daily movement and learning sportsmanship is an integral part of our day.
  • Choice Clubs & Self-Directed Inquiry (~30 minutes) – We know kids need time for self-navigation and free play! We have an ample supply of arts and crafts supplies, board games, card games, chess sets, and sports equipment available for kids to stretch their creative muscles in individual or peer play!
What will my child eat for snack?

Right At School will provide a healthy, nut-free snack every day. Children are welcome to bring their own snacks from home if they prefer (please make sure they are nut-free). Some examples of snacks include whole grain crackers, raisins, pretzels and fresh items like yogurt, cheese, and hummus (when refrigeration is available).

How many days a week can my child be a part of Right Club?

Families may sign-up for 1-5 days per week of the Right Club after school program and can change their schedule as needed each month.

Does Right At School have a before school program?

We are pleased to offer before school programs at Scotch Plains-Fanwood School District! We will be offering before school programming at School One, Brunner, Coles, Evergreen, and McGinn Elementary schools.


Our morning program is station-based in order to accommodate the staggered arrival of children throughout the morning. Activity stations available to children in the morning are: Homework Help, Right Moves (fitness), Inspiration Station (process art & building), Team Projects (student-inspired long-term projects), and Self-Directed Inquiry (chess, board games, etc.).

Health and Safety

What are the safety protocols that Right At School puts in place?

Maintaining a healthy and safe program environment is our absolute number one priority. We have developed best-in-class supervision and safety plans, as well as nationally-recognized employee training that ensures the health and safety of all children in our care.

  • Our maximum student-to-staff ratio is 15:1 per current New Jersey licensing standards. There are also always at least two RAS staff members on-site.
  • All staff are fully background checked, including a CHRI fingerprint-based check through state and federal law enforcement.
  • Right At School maintains full compliance with all New Jersey licensing standards.
  • All employees participate in comprehensive training focused on the safety, security and health of our students. Safety training is conducted prior to the school year and then frequently throughout the school year. In addition, at least two staff members at each program are CPR- and first-aid certified.
  • Our Area Managers conduct regular safety audits of each of our after school programs to make sure all safety protocols are followed.
  • Please note: all registered families will also receive a copy of the Right At School Parent Handbook, which outlines all health and safety procedures in detail.
What are the protocols for checking students in and out?

Check-In and Transition Procedures

Staff are trained to prioritize student health and safety. Attendance is handled immediately at the start of the program in order to ensure all students are accounted for within minutes of the school bell. Should an expected child not arrive to our after school program, our staff are trained to immediately follow these steps:

  • Double-check email and voice mail for reported absences by parents.
  • Check-in with the school office to double-check whether a child had an absence or early dismissal that day.
  • Double-check program space, the child’s classroom, and other primary school spaces. Ask the school office to perform an “all call” over the PA system.
  • Call the parent/guardian to see if the child was picked up after school. We will continue to call all parent/guardian and emergency contact numbers until the child’s location has been confirmed.
  • Inform school administrators of the missing child (if not already aware).
  • If the child has not been located after completion of these steps, we will call 911 and work with local authorities until the child has been located.
  • Call the Area Manager to inform them of the missing child. The Area Manager will escalate to Right At School’s Regional Director and COO as needed.


Right At School staff coordinate with school administration to determine the optimal process for collecting students enrolled in Right At School at the end of the school day, which may include picking up children from classrooms. We provide student rosters directly to school contacts, including classroom teachers, to ensure accurate information.


For in-program transitions, staff keep a physical “Traffic Chart” to track individual student transitions to restrooms, student lockers, etc. and utilize a “Name-to-Face” procedure for whole-group transitions between program spaces (such as going outside for fitness activities) in which staff visually match student faces against the attendance roster.


Check-Out Procedures

Children must be signed out at the end of the day by an adult designated as an authorized pick-up. Right At School staff are trained to verify the photo identification of all adults picking up. Children are never released to any non-authorized person for any reason. Schools may have additional, school-specific instructions for sign-out, which will be shared with parents as necessary. Staff are trained to never allow building access to any person who is not an authorized pick-up of students in our program.

What happens if there is an incident during the program?

Staff regularly conduct and log safety drills (including fire drills) with students for disaster scenarios where they may need to lockdown, lock out, evacuate, or seek shelter. Procedures are aligned with school and district practices. Program and Area Managers are further trained in how to communicate in a timely manner in the event of a critical incident with parents/guardians, school partners, and Right At School, where our Emergency Response Team representing varied departments in our organization supports both on the ground and from our central office.


If a child is injured at the program, first aid will be administered immediately. In the event of a head injury or any other serious bodily injury, Right At School staff will make an immediate attempt to contact a parent/guardian. If we are unable to reach a parent or guardian, we will attempt to reach the individuals on the child’s emergency contact list. If necessary, we will call 911. Until the arrival of a parent, emergency contact, authorized pick-up, or paramedic, the Program Manager will assume responsibility for the child and make all decisions regarding the child’s care. Parents will be provided with an Incident/Injury Report explaining the circumstances and steps taken following the occurrence.

Staffing (Hiring, Training, and Retention)

Who are Right At School Program Managers and Educators?

Right At School educators are experienced individuals with a passion for working with children. We hire retired teachers, current school aides and paraprofessionals, and college/graduate students studying to be teachers. As part of our focus on safety, our employees must pass comprehensive fingerprint background checks. In addition, our educators and coaches receive ongoing safety training and abuse prevention and neglect training, and at least two staff members at each program are CPR-certified. Our educators also participate in extensive education- and behavior management-focused training throughout the year.

What is the process for recruiting and vetting potential staff members?

We have a robust process for hiring and developing Right At School staff members:

  • We look for local educators with experience working with school-age children who will build a love of learning while providing a safe environment for children to explore and grow.
  • Candidates are sourced and pre-screened by our recruitment team, interviewed by our local Area Managers, and evaluated using a behavioral interviewing framework. All employees complete in-depth background checks, including state and FBI fingerprint-checks, to meet all state and District requirements.
  • We seek to build strategic program staff with individuals whose skill sets and personalities balance one another. We hire staff to support everyone – parents, schools, and the District.


Right At School will prioritize existing staff by offering first right of refusal to current before and after school program staff. We have not historically hired staff who are under 18 years of age to work in our programs. We are working with the district to determine a process for hiring existing Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District program staff who may be under the age of 18.


If positions remain open, we will target current Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District staff, such as paraprofessionals and aides who know your students and the school community well. We will also recruit undergraduate and graduate students studying to be teachers since these individuals are passionate about working with children. We also hire retired educators, who are passionate about maintaining a connection to kids but are often looking for part-time hours.

Will RAS be offering positions to current Y aftercare staff?

Right At School will prioritize existing staff by offering first right of refusal to current before and after school program staff. We have not historically hired staff who are under 18 years of age to work in our programs. We are working with the district to determine a process for hiring existing Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District program staff who may be under the age of 18.

What is the Right At School staff training process?

Right At School staff participate in an industry-leading blended training model, where a “flipped classroom” approach has staff learn core concepts and methods through custom online modules, followed by assessments to validate comprehension and scenario-based application. Training topics include: child and staff safety, injury and crisis response, abuse and neglect signs and mandated reporting, program quality methods, child development, positive and progressive child guidance, curriculum delivery, leadership and program management, parent/school relationships, effective communication and marketing, professionalism and ethics, childcare licensing regulations, supporting children with challenging behavior, peer mentorship, and more.


Staff are also expected to participate in 1-2 professional development opportunities per month as determined by their managers. Right At School will coordinate with each school to ensure that staff are also trained in school-specific policies.

How does Right At School minimize staff turnover? How is your retention in New Jersey?

Right At School has a demonstrated history of consistently staffing programs for over 11 years, including in many of the hardest to hire areas in the country.  We average approximately a two-thirds retention rate of our New Jersey-based staff. Many of our staff have been with us for 3-5 years.


Right At School’s skilled Human Resources team is dedicated to recruiting and retaining the most qualified personnel at every level. Here are just a few of our strategies:

  • We develop strong relationships with area colleges and universities and participate in job fairs at the schools.
  • We train our hiring managers to build a balanced team of individuals whose skill sets and personalities complement each other. Our Central Office recruitment team partners with field managers to support the recruitment of local staff.
  • Right At School will prioritize existing staff by offering first right of refusal to current before and after school program staff. We have not historically hired staff who are under 18 years of age to work in our programs. We are working with the district to determine a process for hiring existing Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District program staff who may be under the age of 18.
  • We also target current district staff who are seeking additional hours, ensuring continuity for students.
  • We have a robust referral program.
  • We proactively recruit candidates even when we don’t have a need—so we can fill our talent pipeline with highly skilled candidates to quickly fill roles as they become available.
  • We offer highly competitive salaries–typically about 10% higher than the average pay for childcare workers in the area.
  • We offer a robust professional development program. All staff are incentivized (with pay increases!) to grow their knowledge and skills through our online library of 300+ learning modules.
How will RAS provide the extra staff needed for drop-ins?

We run efficient programs and our hiring model allows us to scale programs as needed. We proactively hire sufficient staff at each site to accommodate drop-ins and we also have dedicated additional educators available as needed to meet demand.

Will the staff be the same every day or will they change?

Staff are the same every day to provide consistency for students and families.

Parent Communication

Is there someone onsite that is responsible for responding to parents?

The Program Manager, who is on-site at the program every day, is the primary contact person for families. Every Right At School Program Manager is expected to invest time and effort in building relationships with our program parents. This includes daily, in-person communication with parents during child drop-off or pick-up. Program Managers keep parents informed of their child’s successes that day and any behavioral or academic challenges they may have faced. This moment is also an opportunity for parents to express any concerns they may have about the program, Right At School staff, or their child’s experience.

What is your process and lead time to respond to concerned parents?

We train our Program Managers to listen first, thank them for sharing, validate the parent’s concerns, ask clarifying questions, and demonstrate their understanding of the situation. Program managers take immediate action to resolve the issue, if possible, or consult their Area Manager for help. We also emphasize the importance of open communication with parents during and after the issue resolution process. Program Managers keep parents up-to-date on the steps being taken to resolve their concerns, then follow up after the process to ensure that the issue has been resolved to the parent’s satisfaction.


Parents have direct phone and email access to the Right At School Program Manager, Area Manager, Senior Area Manager and Regional Vice President and they are encouraged to reach out with any concerns. We also invite families to connect with our Customer Service Department via toll-free number or

What is the escalation process if we do not receive a response?

If parents cannot resolve an issue with the Program Manager, they can always speak with the Area Manager, Senior Area Manager and the Regional Vice President. Program staff also have regular check-ins with district administrators and school principals to discuss shared space, partner around children with special needs, and share parent feedback.

Registration and Billing

When can I register my child for Right Club?

Registration for the Right At School program is now open! Here is a link to the registration portal: where you can find your school and complete the registration process.

I can’t pick up my child on a day they are not signed up with Right At School, can they do a drop-in?

Yes! We offer drop-ins into our program at a flat fee of $35 per child per day. You must register online or via phone by noon the day of for after school and the day prior for before school.

Can I add a day to my child’s Right Club schedule?

Families may change their child’s Right Club schedule at any time by logging into your account and selecting “Change my Child’s Schedule.” For week-of schedule changes, please call Customer Service at 855-287-2466. There are no refunds or credits provided for the current month of service.

When is Tuition due for Right Club?

Right Club tuition is automatically billed on the 1st of each month.

Are there any extra fees to Right club?

There is an annual $50 registration fee per family for all Right Club programs, which is due in full upon registration.

Is there financial assistance for Right At School?

As a licensed childcare provider in the State of New Jersey, Right At School accepts Child Care Assistance Program subsidies. Families who receive free/reduced lunch will be able to register 100% free. Right At School staff are well-versed in state childcare subsidies and will proactively help families in need complete this process.

My child receives free/reduced lunch, how do I register?

To register and receive the 100% discount, please call our dedicated customer service line for Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District families at 908-540-7574.

I have more than one child with Right At School, do I get a discount?

Yes! When siblings are enrolled in any Right Club option, there is a 10% discount on the bill for the lowest-cost child per additional child.

My child was absent, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds given for student absence (including illness, vacation, suspension, etc.). If a child gets sick with a communicable illness or disease, they will be prohibited from attending Right At School programs for a determined period of time (depending on what the illness or disease is) and those missed days will not be refunded.

Right At School’s program was canceled today, will I get a refund?

No refunds will be given for programs that are canceled due to weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space, or any other issue beyond Right At School’s direct control.

Are we charged for days that school is not in session?

Tuition is set based on the actual number of school days in the academic calendar year and does not bill for holidays and other school days off. The total tuition for the academic year is divided into equal monthly payments for convenience.

Non-School Day and Break Programs

Where does RAS plan to do vacation (non-school day or break) care?

We are working with the District to determine locations for break programs and will share this info as soon as it is available. Due to lower attendance on these days, we typically consolidate to meet in one or more schools as needed.

How many students can be accommodated?

Programs can accommodate all interested students. Due to lower attendance on these days, we typically consolidate to meet in one or more schools as needed.

What will the hours be?

7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

What is the plan for activities on those days?

Non-school day programs are offered in a variety of formats, including summer camp, seasonal breaks, school in-service days, etc. Right At School provides care on scheduled half-session days as well.


We have developed curriculum units with weekly themes that change annually and with the season. For example, our winter break campers this year participated in Gizmos and Gadgets Galore for 1–2 weeks. Campers also participate in community service projects, reading challenges, sports and games, drama and improvisation, arts and crafts, and science experiments.

Additional Follow-Up Questions From Parent Forums

Does the school intend to allocate more aftercare spaces to RAS?

Right At School is working closely with the District to identify appropriate programmatic space. Right At School can scale our services to accommodate all schools and all children who need programming.

Why is your ratio 1:15 when the Y is 2:15?

Our maximum student-to-staff ratio is 15:1 per current New Jersey licensing standards. We always have a minimum of two staff on-site.

I don’t want my child to participate in the town hall, they should just be a kid and have unstructured time after school. Do you make them?

We could not agree more that Right At School is a place to be a kid! Town Hall is a quick, fun period to eat snack, hear announcements and discuss options for the day. We find kids love Town Hall! That said, if you do not want your child to participate, they do not have to.

What will my child do if I don’t want them doing homework in after school?

For students who complete homework early or who have none, staff provide quiet age-appropriate activities, such as chess, a quiet read-aloud or book club, free art, or board games.

How do you handle discipline?

Right At School is dedicated to working with children and parents to create a successful experience and promote the educational, social, and personal development of all children. To equip our staff to support students’ social-emotional well-being, we train employees on child development so they understand behavioral norms for each age group, including how children experience and express feelings at different stages.


Staff are also trained in positive child guidance techniques that engage the child as an active participant in a healthy program envir­­onment and problem-solving processes. Positive child guidance works to prevent and respond to child behavior in constructive ways that focus on empowering positive choices. Some of these techniques include realistic / positive expectations, private redirection, distraction, and public positive reinforcement.


When persistent behavior concerns arise that undermine the quality and/or safety of the program environment, Right At School will transition from positive to progressive guidance in consultation with the family, school personnel, Program and Area Managers, and our Behavioral Management Specialist.

I noticed on a LinkedIn job post that you still make your staff wear masks. Is this true?

Right At School follows the COVID-19 mitigation procedures of each specific district that we work with, along with all relevant state and federal guidance. As a general matter, unless required by a district, Right At School staff are not required to wear a face mask. At this time, staff in New Jersey are not required to wear masks. We will coordinate directly with Scotch Plains-Fanwood School District to support any COVID-19-related protocols being implemented.

How do you work with children who have an IEP?

We partner with our school leaders and parents of individual students to understand the special academic, physical, emotional, and/or medical needs of all students enrolled in the program and provide individualized care consistent with student IEPs and school-day support strategies. All our efforts are coordinated through our Master’s-level Specialist for Child Behavior and Inclusion.


When children with special needs seek to enroll, our staff will work with your family to determine the best placement for the child. We review every situation on a case-by-case basis to determine if the Right At School large-group setting meets your child’s needs. Our staff will collaborate with the Right At School Inclusion Specialist, your family, and school staff/outside providers (with permission from parents) to best support each child. Children who have an aide during the school day may be required to have an aide during the program. To discuss your child specifically, please reach out to your school’s Area Manager.

Can you speak in more detail about your behavior specialist?

Right At School has two behavior specialists on-staff. They have significant experience supporting students with special needs. For example, one of our behavioral specialists has a master’s degree in special education and worked for many years as a special education teacher and behavioral specialist. Upon the registration of a child with special needs, our behavioral specialists partner with parent/guardians to find out what supports are already in place with the school and/or outside resources and to implement similar strategies in RAS programming. They also work closely with our program staff to provide additional training and resources as needed to ensure appropriate support for students.

Can you explain your DEI training?

Our goal is to ensure every single person in the Right At School community feels valued and supported. To support this, our employees engage in a variety of workshops and continued learning opportunities, including on topics such as celebrating differences and building inclusive learning environments.

Why are your prices so much higher than other NJ districts?

We customize our rates for each District that we work with. Our tuition rates in Scotch Plains – Fanwood School District represent a significant reduction (15-50%) compared to what parents are currently paying. Right at School is also providing before and after school combined rates with even more significant savings for families.

What is your profit per child?

Because of our scale and efficient processes, we are able to significantly reduce parent tuition costs while paying our staff very competitive wages. Our average profit per child is about 5%.

How will you ensure there are no waitlists?

Our local Area Manager, with support from our recruiting team, focuses on ensuring we have staff to accommodate our enrollment at all times, while also having staff available as enrollment grows.  We work closely with each building to ensure we have enough space to accommodate all children and families that want to participate in our programs.

“We Did Everything”

See what an afternoon looks like and experience the joy of learning, playing, and growing with Right At School.

A Quick Look At Our Programs

Every day at Right At School is a chance to learn, play and grow. Safe and on-site at your school, in a place full of caring educators, new and best friends, and heaps of fun!

Homework Time

We keep homework stress where it belongs — with us. Our educators group kids into age-appropriate homework pods and help everyone complete assignments on time.

Over 180 Disguised Learning™Activities

Kids enjoy a variety of Disguised Learning activities every day, exploring math & science, reading & writing, nature & outdoor learning, creative & performing arts, and community service.

Self-Directed Learning

We give kids a chance to focus on their own interests, whether that means quietly reading a great book or joining friends to design a feat of engineering!

The Right Moves™ Fitness Blast

We do a fun ‘fitness blast’ every day—moving & shaking, doing stretches, or enjoying quick team games that deliver laughs, smiles and high-fives.

Games & Sports

Indoors and outdoors, our games and sports feel just right for all skill levels. From the basics (kickball, volleyball… you know the drill!) to some wild and crazy games developed in our top secret movement lab, we make sure kids have fun and enjoy the feeling of being on the team!

Social-Emotional Learning & Fun

Our childhood experts carefully design social activities that encourage kids to find the best in themselves and others. From character-building to diverse cultural experiences, kids of all ages come home from Right At School with bigger smiles, new friends, and a real feeling of growth.

Town Hall & Junior Educators™

Being a Right At School Junior Educator is a unique opportunity to grow. Every day, our Junior Educators lead the Town Hall session, choose activities, and develop leadership skills by helping to coordinate the day’s learning, play, and growth activities.

Right At School Gives Back

There’s no better opportunity to grow as a member of the local community than getting out and serving others. Our annual Right At School Gives Back program lets kids work together on service projects that support their neighbors and community.

Every year, kids who participate in Right At School Gives Back gain a big sense of community pride.

Parents Love After School with Right At School