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There’s no catch. Even if your kiddo is just entering PreK, we’ll cover their after school care until they age out of Right At School. You must be registered for fall programs by June 30 to participate in the sweepstakes.

*New York residents are not eligible for this sweepstakes by state law. Learn how you can win After School for a Year.

Best. School Year. Ever!

2022-23 is shaping up to be the BEST. SCHOOL YEAR. EVER… and we’re long overdue for a celebration. That’s why we’re giving away three chances to win FREE After School for Life!

Experience Right At School

After school enrichment is more important than ever.

After a couple tough years, kids need a place where they can be KIDS again. At Right At School, we make the after school hours count by focusing on the stuff that really matters to kids: learning, playing, and growing!

Welcome to a world of adventure and achievement.

Every afternoon, we knock out homework first, and then we explore a great big universe of learning activities—focusing on skills and subjects that help kids succeed in school.

Homework Time

We help kids complete their assignments… so you can reclaim the weeknight for family fun!

180+ Hands-on Learning Experiences

Discover. Create. Solve. Reflect. Every day is a new opportunity to learn by doing.

DIY Learning Stations

Arts and crafts, chess, reading, team challenges, and more. We give kids the freedom to pursue their interests.

Explore Subjects Like....





Music & Drama

World Cultures


Reading & Writing

Hear from our families:

Sports, games, and healthy fun for everyone.

Time to move! We offer kids a range of activities to fit their physical abilities and comfort zones so everyone can participate and come home saying “I did it!”

The Right Moves™ Fitness Blast

Move, jump, stretch, run! We shake out the wiggles before diving into homework.

Exciting Games & Sports

Rain or shine, indoors or out — we always make time for team sports and classic playground games!

Imagination Time!

We break out the art supplies, coloring books, crafts, and more to inspire your child’s inner Picasso.

Hear from our families:

Time to make friends, inspire each other, and be joyful.

We help kids find the laughs and smiles that come from feeling good about oneself, helping others, discovering our own potential, and sharing inner joy with friends and family.

Social-Emotional Learning & Fun

Daily social activities encourage kids to discover the best in themselves and others.

Right Club Gives Back

Right Club kids build a sense of belonging by leading their very own community service projects.

Junior Educators™

Our Junior Educator program gives kids an opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills.

Every year, kids who participate in Right At School Gives Back gain a big sense of community pride.

Hear from our families:

with Right at School!

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“We Did Everything”

See what an afternoon looks like and experience the joy of learning, playing, and growing with Right At School.