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Our Programs

What are Right At School programs like?

Right At School programs keep students active, engaged, and healthy every day. We play group sports and fitness games – and take it outside as much as possible! Students who have homework have dedicated quiet time to focus on that, with support from our talented educators. Our enrichment curriculum follows fun themes that cross a variety of subjects, sure to interest every learner.

Check out a sample of our afterschool curriculum:

We add in plenty of opportunities for socializing with friends, free choice activities, and child-led projects. We incorporate service learning through Right Club Gives Back – student-chosen and student-led community service projects. 

Whether it’s our afterschool program, a kindergarten program, or our holiday break camp, you can rely on a safe and fun program led by nurturing and dedicated educators.

Is snack provided?

A snack is provided every day in afterschool, half day, and full day programs. Students are welcome to bring their own nut-free snacks from home if they prefer. All surfaces and cleaned before and after snack, and all students will wash hands prior to eating.

Who are Right At School Staff?

Right At School staff are dedicated and experienced professionals with a passion for working with children. As part of our focus on safety, all employees must pass a fingerprint background check, as well as any school district- or state-required checks. All educators participate in our comprehensive blended learning training program, which provides extensive safety, education and positive-guidance-focused training throughout the year.

Does Right At School run on holidays and partial days?
Our traditional school day programs run every day that school is in session. For planned school breaks and holidays, Right At School runs full day camps in some of our school districts, typically hosted at a few schools within each district. To see which programs are offered in your area:

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Can you accommodate my special needs child?

When children with special needs seek to enroll, our staff will work with your family to determine the best placement for the child. We review every situation on a case-by-case basis to determine if the Right At School large-group setting meets your child’s needs. Our staff will collaborate with the Right At School Inclusion Specialist, your family, and school staff/outside providers (with permission from parents) to best support each child. Children who have an aide during the school day may be required to have an aide during the program. To discuss your child specifically, please reach out to your school’s Area Manager.

How do you handle behavioral issues?

Right at School follows a Positive and Progressive Guidance behavioral support program. On occasions when our daily behavior management efforts are not successful in resolving an issue, and concerning behavior undermines the quality of the program environment or the safety of children or staff, Right At School will work in partnership with parents/guardians to find a solution.

How are you keeping students safe and healthy?

Safety has always been our top priority. We know this is a unique school year, and our newly updated safety precautions ensure the safest environment for staff and students. Take a look at what we’ll be doing in programs this year to keep the risk factor low and the fun factor high:

Registration & Billing

How do I register and pay for Right At School?
Enroll anytime you’re ready! Check out our visual, step-by-step registration guide.

Can I change my child’s schedule?
Absolutely! You can change your child(ren)s schedule by submitting a request via the contact form on our website. Requests may take 2-3 business days to process, so please make sure we receive your request before your next billing cycle. Please be advised that if schedule changes are made during a current pay period, we do not issue refunds or credits for transferring to a lower cost program.
When is Tuition due for Right Club?

Tuition for our before and after school programs can be paid in full, or you can choose to pay in installments by selecting our payment plan option. Payments will be distributed throughout the year in monthly, or bi-weekly installments depending on your child(ren)’s school district. During the registration process, if you select our payment plan option, your payment schedule will be available for your review.

How much is due upon registration?

You will only be required to pay the registration fee to secure your spot in our programs. The first tuition payment is due when the program begins. To see the registration fee in your area, please find your school using our program locator.

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Are there any additional fees?

There is an annual standard registration fee for year-round programs, which is due in full upon registration.  To see the registration fee in your area, please find your school using our program locator.

The registration fee is the only additional cost.

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Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We offer discounts for our before and after school programs, including a sibling discount, which will automatically apply to your account when you register two or more children in the same program. If more than one child from the same household attends different schools, please contact Customer Service via the contact form on our website to have your discount applied: 

We offer military and free/reduced lunch discounts for our before and after school programs as well, and school district employee discounts for most programs in some areas.

To see which discounts are offered in your school, visit your program’s page using our program locator tool. Discounts are listed in program pricing pages.

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*Discounts may not be combined.

Do you offer Financial Aid?
Financial Aid is available in some locations. To find out more information, contact our team to request information about financial assistance.

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My child was absent, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds given for student absences (including illness, vacation, suspension, etc.).

Right At School's program was cancelled today. Will I get a refund?

No refunds will be given for programs that are cancelled due to weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space, COVID-related closures or any other issue beyond Right At School’s direct control.

In the event of a state-mandated (such as a COVID-closure) school closures related to state-wide mandates, automatic payments will be canceled. There will be no need to cancel enrollments.

Are we charged for days that school is not in session?

No. Tuition is set based on the actual number of school days in the academic calendar year and does not bill for holidays and other planned school days off. The total tuition for the academic year is divided into equal monthly or bi-weekly payments for convenience.

What is your FEIN (tax ID number)?

Our FEIN # is 27-3553118.

How can I get my receipts for tax purposes or dependent care reimbursement?
For your convenience, we have made it easy to access your Right At School receipts through your online account. We know that this information is especially important to our families during tax season. Please visit to log into your account and find your receipts.


What are Electives?

Electives are after school enrichment courses taught by local vendors you know and love! Right At School manages registration, billing, and the safety/supervision of children who attend Electives. Courses are typically one hour per week for 10–12 week sessions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Course offerings vary by school and cover a wide range of exciting subjects: art, music, foreign languages, sports, coding, STEM, and more!

Who can participate in Electives?

Any student can attend a RAS Electives class offered at their school! You do not have to be registered for Right At School’s After School program. Electives start soon after the last school bell rings, and a Right At School staff member will be present to take attendance and ensure your child arrives safely.

How do I register for Electives?

Complete the form at the top of this page to view your school’s Electives offerings. When you find a class you want to sign up for, hit the REGISTER button. You’ll be prompted to create a Right At School account (or log in if you already have one), and then you’ll be guided through our step-by-step registration process. You can also contact Customer Service at 855-287-2466 if you prefer to register over the phone.

Why do classes have grade level requirements?

Our Electives partners design classes to serve the developmental needs of a specific age range so that all students can have the best experience. Your child must be in the required grade level(s) to participate.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the time of registration. If a class is canceled, you will be issued a full refund.

Where are classes held?

Like all Right At School programs, Electives are held on-site at your child’s school. Depending on the type of class, we may use the gym, multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, or even the playground.

Who teaches Electives?

RAS Electives are taught by specialized enrichment vendors with an established reputation in your community! Right At School thoroughly vets every vendor, including background checks for all instructors.

What is your refund policy?

We allow one risk-free trial class so that your child can determine if the class is a good fit. We think this is fair for both families and our Electives partners. A full refund will be provided if you contact Customer Service and cancel prior to the second scheduled class.

Why is an Elective class closed?

All Elective classes have minimum and maximum enrollment numbers. Once a class reaches its maximum enrollment, the class will be closed to further registration. Families may register for the waitlist on the parent portal and will be notified if a space opens up.

If a class does not meet its minimum enrollment, it will be canceled during the week before the first Electives class. Right At School will remove the child’s registration, and parents will be notified of the cancellation. Payment will be refunded within 7-10 business days.

My child's class was cancelled today. Will I get a refund?

No refunds will be given for programs that are cancelled due to weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space, COVID-related closures or any other issue beyond Right At School’s direct control.


What should my child wear to camp?

Your child should wear weather-appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. Rainy day gear, rain boots, or other closed-toed shoes and layers are always best! Make sure your child wears clothes that they can play in, and please do not wear anything that cannot get dirty.

What should my child bring to camp?

Your child should have a backpack with a reusable water bottle, an extra set of clothes, extra socks in case the ones they are wearing get wet. Sunscreen, and insect repellent are advised when applicable.

We ask that you check your child’s backpack each day before leaving for camp to ensure that only appropriate camp items are included. No electronic games, mp3 players, CD players, cell phones, trading cards, valuables, or pets are allowed in camp. 

Please label everything that comes to camp with the camper’s name!

Are snacks provided?

A snack is provided every day in camp and non-school day programs. Students are welcome to bring their own nut-free snacks from home if they prefer.

How do you keep kids safe on hot summer days or cold winter days?

Safety has always been our top priority. Our staff is properly trained on camp safety, and we take every precaution to keep your children comfortable throughout the year. Our schedule allows for a mix of indoor and outdoor play and will be adjusted to keep all campers safe throughout the changes in weather such as colder or hotter temperature changes, windy days, the presence of snow or rain, etc.

How will drop-off and pick-up work?

Stay tuned! Child drop-off and pick-up procedures will be released prior to your child’s first day of camp in accordance with your district’s request and your state’s public health requirements at that time.