How Right at School Can Meet the Childcare Needs of Your District’s Families

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The first few weeks of school are finally upon us, which probably means you’re laser-focused on navigating the back-to-school plans you developed over the summer.

As parents try to balance work and school schedules, you may have discovered that your current before and after school provider is unable to fully meet the urgent childcare needs of working families in your community (take a look at our Back-To-School page to see how we’re keeping parents in the loop about our programs).

In this post, we’ll share how Right At School’s high-quality childcare programs can complement your new school day — no matter what schedule you’ve adopted. We’ll take a brief look at three common back-to-school scenarios playing out across the country, and discuss how Right At School is supporting our district partners in each case:

Traditional Schedule

Some of our district partners have opted to bring students back to the classroom full-time while implementing strict safety measures. In this scenario, Right At School is delivering our world-class before and after school enrichment programs — safer now than ever!

Right At School has operated full-day programs for first responders and essential workers since the start of the pandemic, and we’ve already opened Fall 2020 childcare programs in dozens of school districts. We’ve adapted all of our programs to accommodate safe physical distancing and strict adherence to all CDC guidelines:

  • Our 2020-21 curriculum includes 180+ NEW daily enrichment activities — all designed to help students overcome learning loss while maintaining a safe distance from their peers.
  • Our staff are trained in SEL and Trauma-Informed Care. We’re prepared to help students readjust to the social and emotional challenges of school life after a chaotic spring and summer. Learn more below.
  • Staff take students’ temperatures and screen for symptoms of illness before they are allowed to enter the program. Staff wear face masks at all times and disinfect surfaces after every use.
  • Staff and students wash hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Students have separate supply kits and do not share with other children.

Our programs may look a bit different, but students will recognize the programs they love: meaningful enrichment and social-emotional learning disguised as FUN!

To learn more about the impact of our before and after school programs, check out this case study on our partnership with Puyallup School District in Washington.

Hybrid Schedule

Many of our partners have adopted a hybrid approach with a mix of distance learning and face-to-face instruction. This scenario is playing out in different ways: A-B groups, half days, shortened weeks, etc.

In any case, parent demand for childcare has been intense. Working parents, many of whom are returning to their regular work hours, need a safe, nurturing environment for their children during the daytime when class is not in session.

That’s why Right At School is offering full-day and half-day care — in addition to our before and after school services — to accommodate the diverse class schedules of our district partners:

  • We offer morning, afternoon, and full-day programs that wrap around your classroom schedules on school days and distance learning days.
  • We provide flexible enrollment options for parents whose childcare needs change from day to day. For example, parents can combine before and after school care on Monday and Tuesday with full-day care on Wednesday and Thursday. We even offer unlimited drop-ins!
  • We can support students’ distance learning needs on non-school days. Check out the section below to learn how we create spaces conducive to online learning.

Should you decide to partner with Right At School, our locally-hired leadership team will coordinate with you to determine the appropriate program schedule and identify the right space to host safe, enrichment-based childcare.

Distance Learning

When we started running full-day camps for the children of essential workers in March, our district partners were moving quickly to adopt full-time distance learning. Throughout the spring, we tailored our programming to the various class schedules and needs of each district. This experience makes Right At School uniquely prepared to support distance learning this fall.

Here are just some of the steps we’re currently taking in partner communities to cultivate physical environments conducive to online learning — and student success!

  • Our Program Managers partner closely with school and district leaders to design our program around the virtual class schedules and distance learning needs of students.
  • We ensure students are punctual, prepared, and supervised for all virtual lessons and remain on task for the duration of class and homework time.
  • We foster a physical environment suitable for academic success with minimal distractions (e.g. re-positioning desks, grouping students by activity, etc.).
  • Our team will help children when they run into technical difficulties with their distance learning equipment.
  • Right At School staff will communicate and coordinate with teachers when appropriate to support students who are struggling with distance learning.

If your district is moving forward with a traditional class schedule or hybrid instruction, partnering with Right At School comes with the peace of mind that we can rapidly deploy full-day distance learning programs should the need arise.

Our Timely Focus on Learning Loss, SEL, & Trauma-Informed Care

After a challenging spring and summer, children are going to need help transitioning back to school life.

Learning loss has never been a bigger concern for educators, and our STEM-based enrichment curriculum and homework assistance can help students catch up and get excited about learning again.

At Right At School, we’re just as concerned about the emotional well-being of students as we are about their academic success. Social Emotional Learning has always been a core competency of Right At School — SEL is woven throughout our curriculum, our daily Town Hall unit, and even our program transitions.

This year, we partnered with the YWCA to train all Right At School educators in Trauma-Informed Care. Our empathetic team is prepared to help children cope with the pain, frustration, and loss many students have experienced over these last few months.

A True Partnership

You may have seen your district’s unique reopening plan reflected in the scenarios above. If not, Right At School has the resources, the adaptability, and the dedication to meet the pressing childcare needs of your community, whatever happens in the weeks and months ahead.

Please fill out the contact form on this page if you would like to discuss your district’s childcare needs with a Right At School team member.

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